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Small, but mighty, and when used together, delivers unparalleled results. This carefully developed collection features Drunk Elephants 6 core products.

They believe there are certain essentials in a skin care routine necessary to achieve healthy skin status. A mild, pH-balanced cleanser was first on their list. Drunk Elephant developed two; one exfoliating (Juju Bar™) and one straight-up cleansing (Pekee Bar™), so that you could use according to your skin’s needs morning and night. They won’t strip your skin…they remove unwanted oil, dirt and grime, while leaving the skin’s protective barrier in tact (kind of important). They do suggest the Juju Bar™ for morning, as it helps to remove the dead cells that have loosened while you sleep; AKA our skin’s rejuvenation period.

Next, a well-formulated, clinically effective Vitamin C serum. Everyone needs one, every day. Vitamin C tends to get a bad rap for being irritating, but Drunk Elephant think it’s because most brands add irritants (fragrance, essential oils) that get in the way and cause inflammation. Our C-Firma™ Day Serum will correct past UV damage and prevent future damage…and they're talking 15% L-Ascorbic acid, it doesn’t get better than that.

Third in line is a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. Physical screens are better than chemical ones. Why? They are more effective, non-toxic and less irritating. Drunk Elephant is very proud of their Allure Best of Beauty winner, Umbra™ Sheer Physical Defense. It contains a whopping 20% pure Zinc Oxide, so a little goes a long way. Knowing that sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging, this is a product that can and should be worn every single day.

The nighttime routine begins with another low pH-balanced bar cleanser that will help gently remove any grime or makeup you have on your face. The moisturizing Pekee Bar™ is loaded with a nourishing blend of honey and blueberry extract and it's something you'll look forward to using. By the end of the day, your skin has earned it.

The fifth product we believe to be essential to a successful skincare routine is a chemical exfoliate. Theirs is a 12% blend of acids designed to kick the dead skin cells to the curb. When you blend acids, they not only make each other better and more effective, but this process also reduces the potential for irritation. A no-brainer, right? Smooth on the bestselling TLC Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum and your skin will wake up a lot brighter.

Lastly, but not least, a moisturizer loaded with antioxidants that will hydrate and calm. They chose Marula, which is referred to as a “carrier oil”. This means other ingredients can be added to it and it “carries” them into the skin. They decided that we didn’t want to add one single thing, in fact, they left it alone. That’s the way the women have always used it in Africa, so that’s the way Drunk Elephant delivers it to you. You should know that when mixed with their serums, it carries them down deeper than they would normally go, so we recommend that you use their Virgin Marula™ Luxury Facial Oil day and night and any other time or place you feel you need extra hydration and glow.

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